Microphones, microphones and more microphones:


AKG 414 collection above left, Sennheiser 441 and three 421s right.


More AKGs: a C568 shotgun on top, two 535s and the famous D112 kick mic, then Three Shure KSM 27 and a KSM 44 in front.


Four Studer/Schoeps SKM-5, three AKG C 460s, a 451B, a pair of Calrec CBC20/CC50, Shure SM91 and five Shure SM98s


Gotta have some Shure SM 57s and SM 58s. Also have a few EVs: two PL5 omni, three 408s, an RE1000 (and an RE20 being repaired)


A pair of AT 4050, an AT 4033, 4077 and the tube 4060 - a bunch of Audix microphones that work well on drums.


Blue Bluebird, 3 Beyer ribbons: 160, 260, 500, Bullet, and an AKG C4500B-BC and the King of my mics, a 1958 Neumann U47.